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Niagara Frontier Antique and Classic Boats, Inc.


Niagara Frontier Antique and Classic Boats, Inc. (NFACB) is a Non-Profit Organization focused on promoting, furthering, and encouraging, a love and enjoyment of antique and classic boating. NFACB is a chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society (ACBS) which is in international organization of wooden and classic boat lovers from around the world. NFACB’s Membership hails mostly from the Western New York area including Buffalo, NY and its surrounding areas as well as Southern Ontario, Canada.


NFACB Members

NFACB Members partake in numerous events including large scale boat shows, picnics, casual outings, meetings, and restoration workshops. We are one of the few chapters that actually has a boat restoration shop available to members co-located at the Buffalo Maritime Center. Many members travel to other ACBS Chapters and Affiliates to participate in and see numerous events and Boat Shows. 

The active NFACB member should never be bored! With over 160 active members. Our members will always be able to share the fun of these activities with someone of similar interests.

If you love the look of a classic boat, are interested in or need help with a restoration project, want more information on how to join or want to simply enjoy the many activities of NFACB Click the link below.


The Antique & Classic Boat Society (ACBS)


Our Mission

To bring people together with a common interest in historic, antique and classic boats, sharing fellowship, information, experience and exchange of ideas.

To protect the heritage of boating by promoting, first the preservation and, secondly, the restoration of historic antique and classic boats.

To promote, further and encourage a love and enjoyment of all aspects of historic, antique and classic boating.

To serve as a communication channel for our membership, the public, and any other entities regarding information relating to historic, antique and classic boating. This includes serving as a clearing house and referral service for all information relating to historic, antique, and classic boating.

To serve as the governing body and parent organization for such chapters as shall be formed and created under our auspices; this includes providing support for and communicating with these chapters.

To inspire and support quality boat shows and related events among our chapters; to establish and maintain standards for classifying boats and conducting boat shows.

To educate our membership and the general public concerning safety and protocol as it relates to historic, antique and classic boating.

ACBS Overview