Niagara Frontier Antique & Classic Boats Inc. Boat Restoration Shop

Welcome to our Boat Restoration Shop. We are one of the few chapters of the Antique and Classic Boat Society (ACBS) that has a fully functioning boat shop and we believe it is one of our most important assets. The NFACB Inc. Boat Restoration Shop located within the Buffalo Maritime Center and we enjoy a great partnership with them. You can check out their web site at:

The Boat Shop is operated for the benefit of Chapter members in order to:

A. Provide the opportunity for the application of proper restoration and preservation techniques and procedures upon antique and classic boats

B. Strengthen the history and heritage of antique and classic boats

C. Encourage the use and enjoyment of preserved and restored boats.

NFACB Boat Restoration Shop Location & Information

The Boat Restoration Shop is located inside the Buffalo Maritime Center at    90 Arthur St. Buffalo, NY 14207

The shop is approximately 5000 square feet with a concrete floor and is fully heated and lighted along with a humidifier. Many power tools are available in the shop and shop members have full use of the major tools at the Buffalo Maritime Center including a table saw, compound miter saw, joiner, planer, drill presses, and large band saw. An air compressor is available for air hand tools. The Boat Shop has lifting gear for moving boats on and off trailers and putting on dollies/cradles as well as a portable gantry crane. There are a limited number of dollies available for use. There is an upper loft storage area for storing parts/gear/equipment taken off boats during the restoration process. Lastly there is a breakroom with a refrigerator and microwave and table/chairs.

For more information on the Restoration Boat Shop please contact:   Phil Sullivan by phone (716) 989-7761 or email

We currently have 14 boats undergoing various stages of restoration from complete rebuilds to just refinishing.

Our group times are Tuesday evening from 5-8 PM and Saturday morning from 9-12 AM. If you are interested in seeing the shop or would like to help please come and visit!! Remember Tuesdays are Hot Dog Night. We would love to see you!!!

NFACB Boat Shop Storage and Rental Space

Use of the Shop space by Chapter Members is considered to a privilege and will be permitted under the following conditions:

A member who wishes space in the shop for a restoration project will make application to the Boat Shop Manager (Phil Sullivan (716) 989-7761). The form can be downloaded from the web site. In order to apply, the member must be a member of both National ACBS and the NFACB, Inc. Local Chapter. Each accepted application will be maintained by the Boat Shop Manager who will maintain a space priority list on a first approved/first served basis

When space is available the Boat Shop Manager will contact the next person on the list, and offer space. The applicant may either accept the space or pass on the opportunity and maintain his/her position on the list.

The space required by the project can vary depending on the size of the boat and the scope of the project. NFACB, Inc. will attempt to accommodate the member’s request depending on space available. 

For larger projects, the number of spaces required will at the discretion of the Boat Shop Manager. Boat spaces are only offered in singe increments.

Pricing for boat restoration spaces is as follows:

  1. For shorter term projects less than 3 years in length, the current rate is $5.75 per foot of overall length per month. 
  2. If the member is willing to commit in writing to rent a space for 3 years. the space will be offered at a flat rate of $900.00 per year.

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Please contact the Boat Restoration Shop Manager & Board President for more info

Phil Sullivan

(716) 989-7761

NFACB Boat Restoration Shop

90 Arthur Street, Buffalo, New York 14207, United States