NFACB Boat Shop Storage and Rental Space

Use of the Shop space by Chapter Members is considered to a privilege and will be permitted under the following conditions:

 A member who wishes space in the shop for a restoration project will make application to the Boat Shop Manager (Phil Sullivan (716) 989-7761). 

The form can be downloaded below from the web site. In order to apply, the member must be a member of both National ACBS and the NFACB, Inc. Local Chapter. 

Each accepted application will be maintained by the Boat Shop Manager who will maintain a space priority list on a first approved/first served basis
When space is available the Boat Shop Manager will contact the next person on the list, and offer space. 

The applicant may either accept the space or pass on the opportunity and maintain his/her position on the list.

The space required by the project can vary depending on the size of the boat and the scope of the project.

NFACB, Inc. will attempt to accommodate the member’s request depending on space available. 

For larger projects, the number of spaces required will at the discretion of the Boat Shop Manager. Boat spaces are only offered in single increments.
Pricing for boat restoration spaces is as follows:

  • For shorter term projects less than 3 years in length, the current rate is $5.75 per foot of overall length per month. 
  • If the member is willing to commit in writing to rent a space for 3 years. the space will be offered at a flat rate of $900.00 per year.


NFACB Boat Restoration Shop Application for Shop Space

NFACB Boat Restoration Shop Application for Space (pdf)